just wanted to confirm this was viable

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3 units listing for 200k 2 units rented 1 for 1000/month 1 for 975/month  market rent is 985

great schools and low crime suburb/rural town its about 20 min from the outter belt

i had a property come across my desk today and after quickly utilizing the 4 square method i think that its a good deal. so i came on BP and used the calculator and i'm seeing a cash on cash of around 20ish percent. this property is located in B area suburb/rural town just outside of the city. the schools are good and out of 3 units two are leased and i'm sure it would not be hard to get the 3rd unit leased quickly. even with out the 3rd unit this place will cashflow. I'm going to see the place tomorrow and if it is in good shape i would like to make an offer. just wanted to get the thoughts of my peers on if they like these numbers. maybe there is something im not seeing. i guessed about 10% on the vacancy, maintence, cap ex. but the place has been updated and from the MLS listing it does not really need anything to be rent ready.

please share your opinions and insights if you have a moment

im not a pro member so i'm unable to create pdf but let me see what i can do

EDIT: unfortunately i have no way to make the quality better. but the main points 

purchase price of 200k with 20% down

income is currently 1975 but has 3rd unoccupied unit so it will be 2900

mortage/insurance/tax is 1130 

10% vacancy 10%maintainence 10%cap ex

tenants pay utilities

net cash flow of 700 if its fully occupied. 

cash on cash of 18% the first year. it would be 12% if its only the 2 current units.