Help me analyze this deal - is it any good?

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@Scott Garrels Why do you have legal,supplies,and advertising for expenses? Most of those would be under PM, which should be 10% or more. Your capex numbers are low. plex with 1000 sf per unit = 4000 sf. Flooring 4000 sf @ $6 sf = $24000 / 8 year life span / 12 months in a year = $250 per month on flooring capex. Need to account for roof,appliances,hot water heater,hvac,painting,cabinets,etc. I use 23% for vacancy,repairs,and capex. 

Thank you Amanda for you reply.

Tim, thank you for your reply also.  I will try to answer your questions below.

The reason supplies, advertising, legal is because those expenses were specifically called out in the Pro-forma I received from the owners.  That is also part of the reason PM is lower.  I agree that capex is a concern as well.  I will validate that assumption more closely.  Thanks again for your insights here on this potential deal.

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Proforma is pie in the sky. Better to ask for t-12 and copies of the schedule e. Review the leases and if you get it under contract get an estoppel certificate from the tenants before closing.