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This property is two duplexes on the same lot. Two three-bedroom/ 2 baths and two 2 bedroom-2 and half bath. All units have garages attached, they are in a c class neighborhood. Three units are currently rented for - 850-850-825. The fourth unit is vacant and will be remodeled. Rent will be raised to 875-900. The asking price was 270,000, we got it under contract for 240,0000. We have estimated 17,500 for repairs. We are going to use a 12-month interest-only loan for a total of 257,000. Since we are going to do a refi with a new LLC, I'm curious what terms yall are seeing with commercial refis. The local tax accessor has the property appraised for 330,000k. We have not had the property appraised yet. We plan to refi in six months and be able to recover the down payment. Thanks for any input.

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@Jordan D Johnson I'm always curious where people get their  capex number. example of a capex budget for floors. You have two 3b2b and two 2b2b. estimate 4400 sf of flooring. [email protected] $6 sf = $26400 / 8 year life span / 12 months in a year = $275 per month just in floors. It leaves you with $5 dollars to replace appliances,roof,hvac,painting,gutters,hot water heaters,etc. out of your capex and repair budget.  I use a total of 23% for vacancy,repairs, and capex. Most beginning investors don't budget enough for the long term. 

I didn't see the 17k for repairs (perhaps I missed it). Also are utilities all separate and the tenants responsibility??And yes as the previous poster wrote... use 20-23% for Vac, Main, CapEx