Need help Calculating ARV

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Hello everyone, I'm having difficulty when it comes to calculating ARV. I have a good sense of what goes into it (I read J Scott's Guide to Estimating ARV), however I'm having trouble on determining the adjustment values for say an extra bedroom or bath or age of building or cost of porch/deck.

Is there a resource you guys are using to determine these values? I've read it's not always good to use PPSF. 

Are you getting guidance from a property manager or contractor?



@Chris Marte have you considered interviewing real estate agents to list the property? This is what a good agent does for you, and you can get all of these answers for free by listing several agents in your area. 

@Chris Marte even more reason to check with your realtor! Even if you don't use an agent for every transaction, they are still an important part of your team. I don't use my residential mortgage guy much anymore since I switched to commercial, but you better believe I check with him every time I am doing something that involves his area of expertise. 

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