How to evaluate this dilapidated foreclosure multifamily property

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This is the property in question. I'm not going to bid on this specific property, but wanted to get feedback on how to evaluate capex costs for a property with no access to interior. Back of the napkin math:

Nearby fourplexes selling for around $200k. Rental income somewhere around $650 x 4 = $2600 / month. Pretty solid cashflow. Now the big elephant in the room is that the listing price is $76,960, BUT there's no access to interior. So how am I supposed to figure out what the cost would be to get the property in rentable shape? Anyone with experience in rehabbing foreclosures have a ballpark estimate?

    Ask yourself, why is there no interior access? Is it because there are tenants in place? Is it because there is a safety issue with the property making it a hazard to enter? Etc. Based on the listing, the city blocked access. You can assume it is vacant and not safe to enter based on that. Additionally, if it was a tenant issue, you can make interior access part of your due diligence contingencies. If the owner really wants to sell it, they will make access happen.

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