Can i get a job in real estate? Without a license?

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So I’m planing on going to community college to get my certificate in real estate in January - May and while I do that I wanna work for a real estate company and stay in there so lenders could see a consistent paycheck, to qualify as fast as possible for a loan to put on a house so I could start house hacking and renting out to students

@Oscar Flores , short answer is yes, absolutely.  In fact if you plan to work with a real estate investor, it may be beneficial for you to not have your license as there are some instances where having a license actually hinders some of the things an investor can do.

@Oscar Flores the list of activities which don't require a real estate license varies from state to state.  This page contains a list of activities for the state of California, which appears to be where you're located.  As a California real estate assistant, it sounds like you're allowed to do the following:

-cold-call prospective customers (although not regarding a specific property, transaction, or product), 

-assist with open houses,

-conduct a comparative market analysis (i.e. identify comp properties), 

-arrange appointments, 

-give entrance to a property to inspectors or other authorized 3rd parties, 

-prepare and design advertising, 

-prepare documents and transaction instruments, 

-deliver and obtain signatures for documents (although you can't discuss the contents), 

-accept money for trust funds (i.e. earnest money or similar), 

-relay certain information between the agent and the principal, and 

-review transaction documents for completeness and compliance.

Hope this helps.  For those reading this who aren't in California, this page contains a list of activities for the state of Illinois, along with similar lists for other states below that.

With limited experience I would highly recommend looking into property management!

Just after I graduated from college I decided that I wanted to get into the world of real estate in some way. I had no experience in the field, but was able to find an awesome property management company willing to teach me everything I needed to know.

About a month into the job they even offered to pay for my education to get my real estate license! Now, I am working in the sales department and learning loads of information every day.

Look into the property management companies in your area! Even if you start out as an assistant or receptionist, this will be an awesome way to build your resume for the future.