[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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Cost $82k, has multiple offers (15 so far) so I am thinking to offer $85K.

ARV is at least $135k with $10k rehab-mostly rip out carpets, install vinyl flooring, 2 interior br doors, paint house and cabinetry through out.

Rental income a conservative  $1150 but it can do $1200.

Am I overlooking anything or are these numbers aok for a go on this deal?

What would you do to make your offer the very strongest, without adding fuel unnecessarily to this faux-flaming Texas market.


I am getting tripped by the new calc. There's no button to post to this forum directly from the calcs and future assumptions are gone?

@JayCinta Henry . Is this a wholesale deal? Have you seen the property? Are the rehabs accurate ? With multiple offers you want to find out what is the driving force for the seller ? Is it price? Terms? When do they want to close? Is title clean? What was the tax assessed value for 2019? I know lots of questions. But make sure you have as many facts as possible before putting in a blanket offer.

Definitely. It's mls. So far I have seen detailed pics and video tour. I will view property this weekend. Intention is to buy and hold. Yes that's all the rehabbing that's needed. It's 1502 sf, built 2000. Taxes are accurate from appraisal website.

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Seller does not want to perform repairs, so they just want out of this house.

pass.... if it has 15 offers you will most probably not be getting a good investor deal unless you are the dumbest person in the room or have an angle no one can see. (no offense.... LOL)