Whats the value in bringing a GOOD deal to the table? $1650/Mo CF

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What percentage of a deal is fair for me to ask for when I bring a good cash flowing deal to the table? The deal is a 6 unit that makes $275 CASH FLOW per unit per month.

I have partnered with someone to buy real estate for multiple reasons, one being I am financially tapped out loan wise.

We never discussed a percentage each partner will get for what they are bringing to the table. My partner is an out of town investor with deeper pockets than mine. We own two units together currently and split the first deal 50/50. I found both deals driving for dollars and fostered the relationship and did the negotiating for both deals in a market that is difficult to find cash flowing rental properties. I am not sure what to ask for as a cut of the deal but I know from listening to BP that the work I have done is worth something. Once purchased I will also be the boots on the ground/ property manager. Any rule of thumb for what I should ask for percentage wise when I'm bringing two sides of the deal delta to the table (Hustle, Knowledge) and my partner is bringing 100% of the financing.

I want this to be a win for both of us.

Thanks for the Help!