Memphis - Is Whitehaven an up and coming area?

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Hi fellow Memphis investors -

I was told by a real estate agent today that the City is now looking at Whitehaven as a neighborhood to improve and grow. Apparently the Graceland Corporation’s influence is helping it along. Wondering if anyone has heard anything similar? Is anyone currently investing in this market? Is there a certain rule of thumb for which streets to invest and which streets to pass on? Are you seeing an increase in investors looking at this area? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

@Hannah Singer I just closed a home on Tuesday in the Whitehaven section of 38109. I'm excited to see what is coming up in Whitehaven as I am looking to purchase more in this area. 38128 is also an area that has big plans for some new development! I haven't heard anything specific myself on Whitehaven but I will be following this thread!