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I've just begun my Real Estate Investing journey, and I want to make sure that I'm doing this right... I keep hearing that every deal is a good deal if you've got the right numbers. Now here's a 7-unit multi-family that I found online and decided to test out my analysis skills. It consists of 4 2-bedroom (assuming about $1200/month) and 3 1-bedroom ($1000/month) apartments. Note: estimations were made based on the low-range for this area.

Now, dependent on some semi-interesting property details and prices, leads me to believe that the property could be sold for a lot less than $849,900 (sold on 1/27/2020 at $782,000; and is now back on the market for $849,900). Now if this is true, and the property can be bought around 800,000 (random number, but a potential compromise price) the Cash on Cash ROI increases to about 8.5% which is pretty good in this market... I know there's never a guarantee, but if the property can be bought for $800,000 or less, then could one consider this a good deal and go for it?

Also, I made the ARV $850,000, and I am not entirely sure if this is accurate but just based it on the fact that that is what it is listed as and it doesn't need too many repairs... How much does this affect the analysis?

Thanks for your help!