[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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@Paul Papamarkos how did you arrive at 1% capex. My capex budget includes but not limited to: roof 25 year life span, floors 10 year life span(except carpet then only 5 years), appliances and hot water heater 12 year life span, hvac 20 year life span, bath and kitchen remodel 20 year life span, etc. Let's say you put on a new roof the day you purchase it. $5000/25 year life span/12 months in a year= $16.67 per month. You have $8 per month to cover the rest of your capex budget. Let's now look at floors. 1000 sf of flooring. In my area it is $6 sf to replace with a moderate lvp. $6000/ $8 left in budget=750 months before your budget will allow you to replace the floors. Cash out refi will most likely at a higher interest rate.

@Paul Papamarkos Need to learn to tag people if you have a question. Use the @ sign, start typing  their name. Double click their name and it will populate the comment box in blue and then they are notified. I usually use 10%. You can download the spreadsheet by @ sam tato in the files section, it will give the best estimate of monthly expense.