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Originally posted by @Herwin Jno-baptiste :

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Overall looks good but I would look into some of the expenses y down payment.  

Utilities usually always left out and are big surprise by new investors: Pest control, Garbage, accounting and legal and sewer. 

Pest control as must, monthly quarter or semi-annually your choice.

Garbage, who is paying for the collection and bins tenants? some cities include it on taxes.

Accounting & Legal. Always allocate for this as you will need it eventually/ Who is doing the taxes at the end of the year? 

Sewer/water. Same as garbage but are the apartments in separate meters?

You might have to look for a higher downpayment and expect a higher rate due to the location unless you have a very localized bank. 

Hi Herwin - New investor here. I know nothing about your market, but I’d be curious to know if a 5% vacancy estimate is realistic for Nacogdoches. If I’m doing the math right, that would mean that of the 5 units, you would only have 3 months of vacancy overall in a given year. Is Nacogdoches typically a strong rental market?