Real estate analysis software of choice?

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@BRAD THOMAS Are you looking at a specific type of analysis, such as rent comparisons or neighborhood data, or are you just interested in all kinds of software?

My favorites are Mashvisor for quick deal possibility analysis (like you mentioned), NeighborhoodScout for neighborhood market research, Rentometer for comparing rental prices, and of course the BP calculators. I also have an excel spreadsheet for analyzing comps that you might be interested in.

@Jaeseok I'm trying to weed threw all the properties to narrow down on what I think may be good cash flow deals first and foremost.

I like short term vacation rentals because I can make more $ AND still have the opportunity to use the property BUT also convert to a long term if desired.

I've done this on a vacation home in the NC mountains and couldn't be happier with having my note covered and then some And enjoy a vacation spot.

@Michael J. Abel

This is pretty affordable co.pared to others I've been researching. It appears from looking at most,, that without an active MLS subscription your just doing one off prooerty analysis. I'd love to run some in bulk analysis in an area to limit my data set and then drill down.