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Hi. This property is located between the Lower Greenville and Old East Dallas neighborhoods of Dallas, TX, zip code 75206. It is a new construction consisting of 5 attached townhomes. Each unit is approximately 1405 square feet with 2 bd/2.5 ba. Financing is 50% down with a 5% interest rate. Are my estimated expenses accurate? Am I under or over-estimating certain items? Any advice is appreciated.

Looking at the numbers the numbers it seems like the numbers are correct pending what percentages you used for maintenance, and vacancies and that you have property tax numbers correct because it doesn't show and I'm not running the deal so I don't know. If you're making the tenants pay for EVERYTHING (I.E garbage fees, sewer, electric, water, gas. HOA(if any), and whatever else there is is that rent still a good number? Have you talked to property managers in the area that have verified you can charge that number for rent and then add all those extra fees along with it? I see there isn't much grass but where is landscaping costs in general to keep trees cut and pick up left out trash any everything like that? The cash on cash ROI that you're getting for putting 50% down is pretty much 0. Your cashflow is also terribly small for a property that large WITH 50% down AND a 30 year loan. I get its automated by paying property management fees but to see very little return with so much money invested initially is concerning. If it was a 15 year loan and you were looking for equity and cash flow after those 15 years then MAYBE you take that deal into consideration. Looks like a no deal, but if you're justing looking at the deal to do analysis and get practice without having to do all of the due diligence that comes along with it then the numbers seem right.