How to find Financing

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I am doing work for an older gentleman, rehabbing his rental. He also owns the property next door. Today he listed the neighboring property. I am also a licensed agent. He asks me if I want to list the house I have been working in. Well Curiosity peaked. I looked them up in the MLS. The Numbers look good. Each Property will bring between 9 to 13 % ROI. The combined net cashflow is between $500-750 a mo. I would really love to get both Properties. My question is does this deal sound like something worth perusing ? What kind of creative financing options are out there? I don't have my in savings, and I rebuilding my credit. I just had to get a car note recently. Do I have options? Or should I just take the listing and move on?

@Sam Horton That might be an option. I have developed a pretty good relationship with the seller. Although I feel he's going to want something down. Especially dealing with two properties? I thought about looking more into hard money lending.