What does INF% mean in the report?

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INF% means "infinite return". When you refinance and take out more than you put in initially, your initial equity goes below zero. The calculator, however, stops at zero and uses it as your initial investment. When you divide whatever cashflow on zero equity you get infinite return.

Thank you! That makes sense now. I hope I did the calculator correctly - we have a line of credit that we use to purchase a BRRRR property, so we go to closing as a "cash" sale. So we really don't have any "down payment" per say to enter into the calculator, but it isn't truly a cash sale either, as we are paying interest only on the line of credit during the rehab period. Then we refinance with 30 yr conventional loan. Can you see if I have done the metrics correctly? Thank you!

You may put something like $1 for the down-payment and you'll have some astronomical ROI percentage :-)

However, percentages don't pay bills, dollars do. So, focus more on the dollar amounts you're making and see if these amounts satisfy you.