HELOC vs. Selling outright

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I am trying to educate my self on the financing side of the deal and cannot seem to wrap my head around getting a HELOC vs selling outright. Does anyone have experience with how to run these calculations or at least what to consider when weighing my options. I have a hard time wrapping my head around paying for loaning myself my own money. Any good experiences out there?

@Doug Pape Hey Doug, it really comes down to your goals. My wife and I were faced with the Sell/Keep dilemma, and we decided that keeping our rental, with access to equity was the both of both worlds. 
We ReFi'd into a specialized 1st position Heloc on our property, known as an offset mortgage in other countries. It's a line of credit tied to a zero balance sweep checking account. So we can park idle funds on our line, where they work much harder than savings, tax-free. Then whenever we find a deal, we'll simply write a check out of our credit line and purchase in cash. The best part, each property purchased with the line pays off faster than the last with the added cashflow. 
If you're a buy and hold investor, I'd highly recommend this strategy. We're able to enjoy our monthly cashflow, see appreciation, and are ready for the next opportunity when the market turns.