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Hey all,

I'm working on landing my first deal. I came across this property that seems really good. There is a lot more work to get it rent ready than I wanted for my first, but seems like a really good price and will work out in the end. I'm not sure I captured all the operating expenses, but tried to be conservative with what I put in. As far as the rehab costs I know it needs a roof, siding, and possibly windows. One of three units is rented to a long term renter. One is gutted and they other still needs some work to get it ready. I am meeting to walk through the property this week. Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated!

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Hi David,

I just checked out that report and all of your calculations look pretty complete. Although I didn't see any fees accounted for property management. Were you planning on being the manager of the property yourself or perhaps it was an oversight. Either way, this looks like a screaming deal as long as the ability to get good tenants in there isn't much of a trouble. I'd say pull the trigger and good luck! 

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@David McMaster

Hi David,

I am new to investing as well, everything seems fine but the refinance does not add up. Usually, banks wouldn't give full LTV.

Good Luck!

Harinder Singh

 Good catch, I think I was rushing through it. I adjusted it back to 70% of estimated value. Thanks for taking a look!