Partial BRRRR - Help me analyze this deal

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Dear fellow BP members, 

Need some help with this partial BRRRR deal. 

1. I plan to purchase this property with 20% down traditional mortgage. 

2. Rehab estimate is 25K and I plan to pay for that using Personal Line of Credit with about 8% interest. I don't think there is anywhere in the calculator to account for this as it seems to me. 

3. Rehab time will be 2 months (Actual rehab time will be just a month but I am keeping some buffer for possible delays and the time after the rehab to get it finally rented out. 

4. Refi I calculated based on 70% ARV with traditional mortgage. 

Is there any errors in this analysis? Thanks in advance

Whats the question? To deal analysis I usually need to know purchase + rehab price, estimated after repair value, the terms of the final loan term loan, estimates of taxes and insurance, what is market rent.

Hi Jhanel

Thank you for your response. I have a link to my report attached in the question. Which has everything including purchase price, closing costs, rehab estimate, refi, rent etc etc etc. The link is right above my question with blue fonts "View Report". 

Hope you are able to access my report and give your feedback. Thanks