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I'm looking to get some input from those who are suited to give it.  This buyer wants $350k for the building and will finance $100k. I have no downpayment. I have been managing apts for a couple years now by way of repairs and carpentry, for other customers, but have no rentals myself.  

This property is in the town I live in (across the street from the house I just sold two months ago) so I know it well.  It has:

5 'rooms' with shared kitchen and bath, 

two apts, 

one basement storage area that he will continue to rent for at least 6 mos.

1 commercial office space that I am thinking of converting to 1/2 my office and 1/2 laundry room for tenants

All the units pay weekly which adds to the hassle of collection, but his past vacancy rate is approx 5%.

I am hoping someone can see something I am missing or ideas that might add to the income.  I put in management fee, but I will be doing the management to start at least.  It probably has about $15k in work to do over the next two years.

Any advice (run screaming/jump all over it) or ideas, are appreciated.  



Caveat: I haven't been digging into real estate for about a year now so I have a lot of refreshing to do.  I have been focused on my carpentry business.