Property Manager in/near Marion Ohio

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Hey Bigger Pockets community. I am going to be closing on my first investment property in the next few weeks. It is a duplex in Marion Ohio. I wanted to see if anyone knew of a good property management company or person in that area. Thanks in advance.

Hey @Matthew Brewer

I have property in Marion, a duplex and a triplex. I have looked into few managers and the one I am going to suggest is Jessica Lear.

She is a realtor with Generation realty, property manager and her husband is a contractor who does the upkeep on the properties.

Let me know if you are interested I can give you her number.

We don’t know anyone in the area, but you might want to read our series about “How to Screen a PMC Better than a Tenant”, since selecting the wrong PMC is usually more harmful than selecting a bad tenant:

Additionally, don't treat property management like a commodity and just focus on the lowest price!

Remember, you always get what you pay for in the end.