What Should I do??

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Good afternoon everyone,

I would like your analysis and/or advice on a potential deal:

5bd/2b Cape Cod
Located in Washington, DC
Asking price: $320,000 (seller brought price down 50K)
My offer was: $280,000
Seller wants: $320,000- NO IF, ANDS, OR BUTS!
ARV: $370,000
Repair Value:$5,000
Homes in the area have recently sold for $400,000 and these homes only had 3 bedrooms!!!

The seller is waiting on me to respond to her counter offer.

Please give me some advice.......

Is this a deal or no deal??

With those kind of numbers i doubt you'll be able to Wholesale it. :protest: You should always stick to your formula when wholesaling always..HAPPY HUNTING.


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