I'm in a mastermind group of 3 individuals and we have been meeting weekly on Zoom for 3 years. One of us is a syndicator of large multifamily. Another one does joint ventures in small/medium multifamily, another one is going solo on small multifamily. One is great at networking, another with tech, and another with deal evaluation. We each bring a few years of experience to teach the others. We are about 5 years in on our investing careers.

We are looking for someone that maybe doesn't have the experience in multifamily (yet) but either has experience in deal finding or is very motivated to learn. Our mastermind exists for each of us to teach each other and each has a strength. We aren't looking to double up on knowledge. If you think you fit the bill and have time every Wednesday from 9-10AM CST, send me a DM. There is no fee. This is a long-term group and we have become friends over the years. We would love to grow.