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Hi everyone, I'm in southeast VA and I'm wondering if I'm missing anything for this duplex that would have me put a lot into the deal and provide cash flow with a fairly low CoC return. Would you do it, or is there some way to creatively make it work for me and the seller you may be able to offer up? This would be my first deal.

Overall, the building seems to be in good shape. It had a VA inspection and appraisal within the last two months because of previous potential buyers. Nothing alarming on the inspection; would need two HVAC ducts reconnected under the house and some ducting insulation redone. Maybe a fence fix and some other minor items- so I assumed 3k in repairs. If you have any feedback for me, I'd appreciate it!!!

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Your purchase is $214k, why is your property value showing $255k? If your property value actually is higher and you are getting it for below market price then you are in good shape. You will equity out the gate, once you have steady rental income you should be able to cash out refi in 6 to 12 months and get your down payment out.

Although I don't like CoC less than 12% but that's my goal, doesn't have to be yours.


@Nick Shri

Right. I’m working on buying for what he owes. We’re working a deal on the side to put some cash in his pocket. I need to account for that.

But the 255 is a recent appraisal because of a potential buyer that fell through

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