What do you think about Brandon Turner leaving the podcast?

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I just listened to the podcast and heard that he is leaving. I’m sad to see him go. He is the face of BiggerPockets and published the BiggerPockets book that sold the most copies (The Book On Real Estate Investing). Hopefully he’ll be back. What do you think? Do you think he will come back?

Good for him. It's time to pass the torch, he's great but I can tell in the past few months he is overworked. Maui is so beautiful and hosting feels like a grind on his life because it's on a fixed schedule. He should instead come back often as a guest whenever HE wants so he can live his life free.

The beautiful thing about FIRE is that you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. With Brandon's family and other business ventures, he probably saw more value in his time being focused elsewhere. I'm sure he'll be back as an occasional guest though. It was a great run. 

Finding the Bigger Pockets podcast and watching his webinars ignited a passion that I always had about real estate. He showed us the path to creating a life that you wanted to live and create. I am very grateful that Brandon and David shared their experience and taught us about how to create it. He created a life for him and his family where they can choose what they want to do and good for him! I’m sure he will be around sharing his experiences. I will look forward to listening to David and his guests.

I was conflicted because his webinars and videos were the exact thing that got me excited about pursuing real estate. Now my brain has trained itself that “if you hear Brandon’s voice, get ready for some knowledge!”. This is not to say everyone else isn’t just as good, but he was the first to pull me in. The conflicted feelings came in because the point of all of this is to have freedom to spent time doing whatever you want, which is exactly what he’s doing, so it’s also inspiring and I’m glad he is doing it.

Thanks Brandon!

Honestly, I felt like I saw this coming for a long time. It was fairly obvious in the podcasts leading up to this one, but I certainly agree with previous comments. He is a great host and shared a plethora of knowledge all while expressing his passion and excitement about real-estate. It has truly been great to hear him co-host, but David also drops some incredibly strong knowledge on the listeners as well. I'm excited to see where he takes the podcast. Overall, I think Brandon is doing the right thing for himself and his family. I had always wondered what it was like for him to host the podcast. Probably just a more fun version of a W-2 job. He is practicing what he preaches by leaving the podcast and living a financially independent life the way he wants to live it. Congratulations @Brandon Turner ! I wish you and your family the best! 

Just to mix things up, I wouldn't be surprised to see them add a female or minority voice to the podcast. BiggerPockets is such a diverse community of all stripes and the guests reflect that. They also have a good mix of hosts on their other podcasts. It will be interesting to see who they pick to join David moving forward. I'm sure we'll all be listening!

I really preferred the first couple years of the podcast to the last couple years. IMHO it’s turned too much to mindset and goals and system building. There are 100’s of those podcasts. I preferred the ones where investors talked about their actual experience, problems they encountered and how they over came them.  

In fact. My new favorite podcasts are the call in to David ones.  I haven’t heard one call in that related to something I was having trouble with and still they were more relevant and interesting in my opinion than the satellite view overhead episodes that have become so common. 

I get it. They have people on that they are interested in, or so they can drawn in bigger audiences and advertisers by swapping appearances. But I don’t know who gets much out of them. I assume the people at that level have already learned this stuff and most of the audience is years from that level if that’s even one of their goals to get that big. 

@Bill Brandt I understand where you are coming from. I enjoy listening to the Rookie Podcast as I feel like their main focus is how the person got to where they are and the actual processes and concepts used. I like Bigger Pockets because they have all different podcasts to help with whatever you need!

Sports analogy. You know when a coach builds a program out of no where into a winner that has never been successful and then it's time for that coach to retire and the fan base and media asks "can anyone else win there?" That's the moment BP faces with the podcast right now, the next hire for that seat will be key. Excited to see how it turns out. 

I'm sure there is a lot of work behind the scenes to put a good podcast together.  Can you imagine , right?  You have an author or big name coming on as a guest.  To prepare, you need to read their book and /or familiarize yourself with what they do and why.  Much more of a time commitment than the hour or so of content. 

8 years seems common for host spans. I've lost podcasts entirely (like Futility Closet) at that point.  Hosts have a why and it gets accomplished.  At least this will carry on.  Hopefully David will stick around for a long time. 

Plus syndicator-itis is pretty contagious.  There's a reason everybody and their sibling wants to be a sponsor/syndicator. 😎

I was relieved to see that he is leaving.  Him going surfing instead of being online all day is what real estate investing is all about at least for me.  And watching him get bigger and bigger and has made me wonder if my goal of exiting the rat race is a fools errand.  Personally I already regret sacrificing time I could have spent with my family to "get ahead".  I want to believe that there is more to life the owning a bunch of real estate.  Tell me there is more baby!  

I wish him all the luck in the world, I have enjoyed the heck out of listening to him over the years,

Super sad to see Brandon go but excited for his next steps and the fact that David will still be on the show with all of his amazing analogies and easy to follow and listen steps to investing. That was a huge come up for BP to bring him on

I definitely agree with the general consensus here. Brandon has been an awesome leader and voice for BP. It is definitely time he take a step back and do things more on his terms. As a father of young kids myself, I know as they get older I will want to be more involved. There is definitely more to life then having the biggest real estate portfolio ever. Good on him and I wish him the best.

Brandon Turner along with David Greene are a few of my favorite podcast hosts of all time. I've been listening to him before I even started real estate. I'm a little sad to see him go, but I'm excited to see what he'll accomplish next. The guy is an absolute goldmine of information. I will say that at this point in my career, the most I get out of the show is motivation. I love the success and failure stories from their guests. There's a lot to learn from these stories. For those just starting out their podcast is 10/10. I don't think he'll return full time, but I think he will make regular appearances on the show, I'm guessing he's making this move to prioritize his other business. 

I will miss his unique voice. His voice is what attracted me to BP podcast. It will take some time to get used to David. But when I found out that BRRRR was a David concept and not Brandon's I could not believe it. One day I hope to be in Hawaii enjoying the beaches. To the next chapter of life.

I will miss Brandon. He's been a staple on BP ever since many of us started our RE journey. I 100% trusted the advice he gave on webinars and podcasts and think he's a very likable person as well. There will never be another Brandon Turner and I don't think anyone will fill his shoes; hopefully he shows up/returns for the occasional podcast. 

Brandon Turner is responsible for helping create more real estate millionaires than anyone else.