Property Manager: I was let go because I cared about the tenants.

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I was a apartment Manager, I was on this job 5-6 months. The  owner has two apartment buildings in Detroit. He bought one in December 2019,  It always have water leaks and ROACHES galore. I had to buy roach bombs out of my own money. The new building is full of Black people living with roaches. I had the maintenance man bomb the apartments the day before I had to inspect them. The exterminitor come once a month, it was so bad they came out three times in one month. the second building, The owner wanted me to move into a apartment, but I don't go along with the fringe benefits, (roaches). All Black people don't live with roaches. Tenants living with mold in their carpet. Mold in their refrigerators. Mold in their bathrooms. I told the owner about the water leaks and the wet carpet he cut the wet part of the carpet and left it for 5 months, it was dirt particals in the air in the apartment from the carpet. Another tenant her apartment flooded 5 times before her carpet was ripped up and thrown out. The owner did nothing about it, until I had enough of the complaints, and I told the tenant not to pay rent call the housing inspector. Since, I was let go, the basement apartments has flooded again. the owner have placed tarps and boards over the basement windows to stop the rain water from coming in the apartments, Some of the pins on the windows and broken some tenants can't open their windows. The window people came out to look and inspect them and they never fixed them.  (INVESTORS)  Look, I am a Detroiter, I grew up in this city. Stop buying these properties and not fix them up to code, before you rent them to people. Black Lives Matter. I am retired now, and I my new mission is to work with tenants. I will get with the housing dept and go out and take pictures and go to court with the tenant to sue landlords for the conditions of the property that they have people living in. (Owners), Stop your Mess because, I'm here to help the tenants from slumlords, You want the rent money, fix up the property first, and keep it up to code, If not, you may see me in court with your tenant. Because I saw first hand how my Black people are being forced to live because the property owners don't care about the tenant, they just want the rent money.

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another tenant had black water running out of her bathroom sink faucet.

This is part of the problem with "inexpensive markets"  certain buyers flock there thinking they'll pick things up for cheap and then realize that it costs more to repair than the property is worth, then when they decide not to fix it up you get horror stories like this.  Not much more you can do with roaches if you already have a pest control company out there, but moldy carpet and leaks for months on end are just not acceptable no matter how much rent you're paying.

Good for you, Audrey.  No one should live like that.  People who refuse to make the capital investment necessary to maintain a decent environment need to find other ways to make money.  It's really that simple.  You should consider starting a 501(c) charity to help fund your new mission.