Bank Loans are giving me problems

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I am pretty upset. I have excellent credit and a job and I just wanted to refi my current home and it has been 3 months! Bank told me it was due to a permit violation on the home! I had the permit taken care of 2 years ago and still they say they are "looking into it". It makes me angry that I just kept waiting, I guess I will try to start over and find a new bank to borrow from. Suggestions?  This home is in San Jose, CA.  I am out of state currently and cannot just go down to the Permit Bldg Dept.

@Gayle Eisner You may be better off to start over with a new lendor as you mention.  Having just completed a refi banks are being tough right now.  Are you using a loan broker or going directly to a bank?  A good loan broker may be helpful in navigating these waters.