Why can't I get an agent to return my calls?

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I'm having a difficult time finding an agent in my area who seems to want to work with me. I live in Napa County but can't afford anything here, so I'm looking at an adjacent county which has more affordable prices (Lake County).

I'm 0 for 2 now and both of the agents I reached out to were recommended to me personally. Perhaps I tried too hard, as I put together what I considered was a thoughtful introductory e-mail along with a photo of my family and stated that I was looking to make my first investment purchased of real estate and was looking for an agent with experience that could get me a local MLS listing of properties with my criteria so I could start to learn the market. I believe I told both that I'm not necessarily itching to jump in any second, but if the right deal presents itself, I could move rather quickly. I also asked for recommendations for investment lenders and property managers.

Both returned initial e-mails/phone calls but have since ghosted me. 

Is there some sort of etiquette anyone thinks I may be missing? 

Hey Tim,

You're not missing anything. Agents are more busy now than ever due to interest rates being so low. It's more worth their time to find a house for someone who falls in love with it (and overpay) than cater to an investor who may be turned down 10+ times to get accepted on 1 offer.

Keep calling agents. At some point one will put you on their list.


Hello! You seem to be very early in the process and many agents don't want to have to coach someone or guide from step one and a year later pulling the trigger. 

I would highly suggest just telling them you're an investor and you'd like to be added on the saved search and if they have any recommendations. 

Don't necessarily "Lie" just leave out the fact that you're not itching to pull the trigger for now. Get on a saved search and nurture the relationship.

May take 10-20 agents to find one. Thats OK.