Best Apartment Investing Course?

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Looking for the current best apartment investing course. I already own one multifamily but now looking to get into apartments. I like Grant Cardone, but his course is 5k, and I'm assuming there are better options. 

@Mila Posternak

My recommendation would be to go to your local REIA meetings and find some folks in the business. See if you can offer services for knowledge of the business model. While I have bought several courses, I can say almost everything worthwhile I know has come from working with people doing it, not a summary course.

It is almost impossible to say what the "best" apartment investing course is because "best" is a very subjective term. What is best for you may not be what is best for me and nobody can tell you what is best for you, it is something you need to discover on your own. 

The most we can hope to do is give recommendations based on our own experiences. I am currently in a program which has been great for me, I have learned a ton and I have made more relationships than I would have thought possible. For me, the relationships part was the most important which played a huge role in my decision making process. 

Perhaps the best for you is to sit down and read a book, perhaps your best is to go to a local REI meeting or other networking event, perhaps Grant Cardone's program is what is best for you.

I don't think anybody here can tell you what the best is because there really isn't a best. If you look hard enough you can find recommendations against some and you can find positive reviews for some, but in the end you would most likely be best served by reaching out to people who have gone through the courses and to the people who run the course to interview them. When you are applying for a course or program they should be interviewing you to see if you will be a good fit but you should also be interviewing them to determine if the investment truly matches with your personality and your goals.