I’m looking to start investing

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I’m looking to start investing, I like the idea of whole selling but I like rentals to I was wondering if I should just jump into rental properties or start with whole selling know a bit about both.

Hey Demarques!

Congrats on looking to start your investing journey. 

Wholesaling real estate has been an amazing journey for me and has allowed me to generate tremendous cash flow. I am a firm believer in attaining strong cash flow first and then investing that cash flow into passive investments such as rentals.

I know too many people who own rentals and still have jobs they hate so this is why I love wholesaling.

Much luck to you!

@Demarques Felix

Best of luck on the start to your journey! 

My wife and I are currently under contract on our first rental home!  I would like to wholesale as well, in order to help generate more capital for down payments on other rental properties.  I have heard a lot stating to find your niche and stick to it, so as to not spread yourself too thin and become a jack of all trades rather than king/queen of one.  That being said, I am still pursuing wholesaling leads and further information on how to wholesale myself, if for no other reason than gaining knowledge in the market.  Overall, I think it's good to explore and find what you really enjoy and are good at, while learning more every day!