Licenses soon to be required in Denver?

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Just saw this article and was wondering what landlords in Denver think/feel about this. While I'm based in Colorado Springs, my worry is what starts in Denver tends to run down I25. Anyway, just curious to get others thoughts on this.

@Jeremy Gaal

Wow - thanks for sharing, this is not great news. With licenses already required for short-term rentals, inspections by the city for flips, inspections done on houses by buyers, I agree with the realtor on the video: this is unnecessary!

This is a money grab by the city - and I think these fees, if passed, will Jack up rental prices even more!

Just my two cents - hope they don’t pass it (although I’m all in favor of putting protections in place to make sure rentals are safe and there are timely maintenance fixes. I own three rentals and that verbiage is in all of my leases!)

Thanks for sharing!

@Catie Lawrence gotta be honest that was my first impression as well. While I understand the city wants to protect from slumlords (heck we all do) it seems like they are trying to use it as an easy way to grab a few bucks while opening up the potential for all sorts of issues.

I have talked with landlords in locations that have systems like this in place and while some sound just fine, others seem like a nightmare.