Disturbance from neighboring 4-plex

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I own a 4-plex in Austin. Our tenants complained about noise, disturbances at night, illegal parking, parking in fire lanes and so on from tenants from neighboring 4-plex. We suspect it is one or two tenants from this 4-plex. One of my tenant did not renew lease due to noise and general trouble they make. My new tenant already complained to me twice.

I'm in touch with other landlords in the community. They heard similar complains about tenants from this 4-plex. We could not get landlord's phone number even after talking to their tenants. But we found mailing address of the landlord from Appraisal District website. That's all the info I have of the landlord.

I can ask my tenants to call police if there's disturbance/noise. But I want to make my tenants feel safe. What is right course of action here? Appreciate any advice.

If they park in the fire lane ask your tenants to call a tow truck. They can also call the police if they are breaking the noise ordinance. Other than that try to work it out with the landlord like your doing and hopefully he can get them to quiet down and respect the neighborhood. You could also try to talk to the bad tenants directly and maybe they will listen to reason, its equally and more than likely that they tell you to buzz off but its worth a shot. 

Check your bylaws in some towns here if the Cops etc are called too many times the Landlord gets a citation, hauled into housing court & fined. It apparently works well.