STRs in Carson City, Low Supply?

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Hi! Recently was looking to book an AirBnB in East Lake Tahoe for a few weekends from now. However, when I attempted to there were ZERO "entire places" open for an entire weekend. So, I started checking out the area and it seems like most of the Carson City STRs are booked 80%+ throughout the next few months. Anyone know anyone in this market? Additionally, it seems there are no regulations, so that is a little scary. Would love to watch this place for the next year or so. Thanks in advance!

Most owners opt for the consistency of long term rentals since they are in such high demand. I'm a local broker and would be happy to talk more about a purchasing a property for short or long term.

I am starting to realize that most markets in America are HIGH in STR demand. Even crowded markets are mostly non-professional STRs. Meaning...if you know what you're doing (read lots of BP and implement systems), you'll win the demand before the other places fill up and you are really only competing against the top STRs in the region.

This might hold slightly less true in crowded vacation markets, but still...lots of mom&pop STRs that just AirBnB their summer home occasionally.