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Hey my name is Marcus sexton I live in Spartanburg sc I'm a beginner no property yet saving down payment money does anyone in my area or abroad have any advice plus wanting to find a local REIA

Hi Marcus, just came across your post.  Congrats on getting started. I will also be investing in Spartanburg and I'm trying to find a good agent too. 

As far as advice: you're off to a good start by finding this website. Basically every question you can imagine has already been asked in the forums, its just a matter of searching and reading.  There are also lots of great folks on here who can answer additional questions you may have.  

I recommend listening to the real estate rookie podcast to hear how others are getting started. Worth checking out a few books that are recommended here on the site too. 

Good luck!

Read,Read,Read, get crystal clear on what your long term goals are. then find out how to achieve them.
what types of properties are you looking for?

Hi Marcus, i'm in the same situation in Central Florida. I joined the rookie bootcamp that is to start up in January hopefully that will help. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Keep your head up!