Hello! Have any VA landlords gotten rent payments from the VA RRP yet? I got a call from our property manager saying the RRP is now requiring proof of a lease lasting at least six months out. Also wondering if anyone else has heard this. Don't see anything about it on the RRP website.

Our tenant was out of work and missed December’s rent. She submitted a RRP application and I submitted the required paperwork but I have not gotten anything from the RRP yet.  

Complicating matters is that we gave tenants notice that the lease will be up at end of March. So clearly we cannot submit a lease going six months forward. Lease has been month to month for several years now.  

We had been planning for a while to sell the house this spring.  Timing is unfortunate bc we gave notice shortly after the missed rent. 

Tenants have paid rent January, Feb, March. 

I’d appreciate any insight any of you might have.