No rental payments for 8 months. Denied EDIL assistance

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Hello! I haven’t received payments for 8 months. I have an eviction in process however in Chicago evictions are stayed until December 31st. My tenant has not been paying since March and I got denied for EDIL assistance because my tenant paid in February and therefore I could only get assistance if the tenant stopped paying since then. Has anyone experienced this so far with EDIL? And what are some successful financial assistance programs that you’ve tried if you are in a similar scenario?

@Jay B. Did you get an official denial letter?  IDHA is still approving up until November 15th and we have only seen approvals but not any official denials.  We have seen acceptence for about 10% of the residents that submitted for it.  

Hi @Mark Ainley !! My brother (Jomar) and I appreciate all your sage advice and the recommendations you’ve provided to us thus far. My brother stated that he received it in an email, but I will follow up further and get down to the bottom of it. That’s good to know though. Thank you again!

@Jay B. Nice to meet you and Jomar is great.  I will confirm with our operations director but the only notification we have got so far on approval has been directed to the tenant.  For us to date, all grants are awarded to tenants direct and Landlords find out through their tenants sharing this info or when the money hits the Landlords account. 

@Mark Ainley Ok that’s really great to know because our tenant would definitely not share that info with us. He hardly picks up our calls. I will follow up on my end and with Jomar. Thank you again!

Each state received Federal COVID relief money and most are allocating a portion to rent or mortgage relief. According to the Illinois website, they were offering both Emergency Rental Assistance and Emergency Mortgage Assistance. I assume your tenant would have needed to apply for Emergency Rental Assistance. The website states that the application period has closed and that notifications of award run September 10 through November 10. It also states overwhelming response and only 40% of rental assistance is likely to be funded.

That is strange that your EIDL loan was denied. I have seen several landlords on the forums who had no loss of rents, still applied and received money. It is very sad that people like you who need the money are not getting it, while others not in need are taking the money.

Once congress stops playing politics after the election, they will fund more money to the states. That could extend rental assistance for those who couldn't get it on the first round.