Tenant wants to do massage business. Girlfriend Gymnastics

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Hello, I have a person who is interested in renting a home from me. They are willing to pay the full asking rent and seem to have good income per month (So they say, we have not run a credit report and done any income verificaton yet but will). However, he would like to do "Body Work" or what I assume to be massage or some sort of physical therapy out of our house. The girlfriend was a professional cirque du soleil type performer who now does gymnastic instruction out of the home. This seems like a lot of traffic/wear and tear to the home and a lot of liability that I would carry. What if someone got hurt doing gymnastics or had a bad reaction or outcome to the Bodywork and decided to litigate. My question is what form of insurance should I ask for, and should I ask them for more rent to cover the additional risk and if so how much. It would seem that my rental property would have become an office/commercial property not just a home. I am not even clear if the local zoning would allow for this legally.  Any input from others past experience would be most helpful. 

If this is a residential property, I don't think commercial use is a wise option. Find someone looking for a place to live, not run a business.