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Section 8 Experts Please Help!

Posted Apr 27 2024, 21:18

My property would rent out for a standard long term rate of $2300-2500 a month. I called the Houston Housing Authority and they said my property would get approved for up to $4313 as a section 8 long term rental. After hearing that I definitely got excited and started counting chickens before they hatched, as 1800-2000 extra dollars a month would super charge my cash flow. The website says that the section 8 tenants generally pay 30% of their income. Does this mean there is no downside to listing it for the maximum price of $4313 per month since the tenant would likely be paying the same amount no matter where they chose to live? Are there any benefits to listing it for lower? When it says they generally pay 30% of their income, is that just more of an average, meaning listing it for lower would significantly decrease days on market? I don't want my property to be on the market for a crazy amount of time but I don't want to leave money on the table. Any advice would be immensely appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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