Advertising Rentals in Chicago

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Hey all,

I know this question has been asked before but I'm a property owner (and broker) in the city of Chicago and I'm looking for advice on the best sites or software for advertising my rental listings. I'm new in the BiggerPockets game but I miss the old days of Postlets and insane listing syndication (or when Craigslist was useful, or is it?).  Thanks in Advance,


@Gregory Kohlhagen I am using the Zillow platform as well as I stopped using Craigslist when they began charging $5 as I had never gotten a tenant from there in the past few years. My sense is that most tenants are on the Zillow and networks and those two companies are consolidating the space right now. They are also starting to charge which stinks, but it is still worth it... for now. I am not yet using Facebook market place, but I know several people who are using it and like it. As an agent you can also use the MLS, which can be nice because that syndicates out to a bunch of partner sites like as well.

We've gotten by far the highest volume of inquiries through Facebook Marketplace. You can also "boost" your listings to reach more people by paying a little bit. They give you some useful metrics for evaluating yours ads too like number of views, impressions, clicks that lead to messages, approximate number of people reached, etc.

Zillow is also solid for generating interest but they recently started charging $10/week to advertise listings. We also use Zillow Rental Manager for applications, which is as good as Cozy's application in our experience. We've had little to no success with using Craiglist, and the same is true of which has partnered with Cozy.

@Gregory Kohlhagen we've used Avail, Zillow, and Domu to advertise our rental listings. Avail also posts your listing on Zumper and Padmapper, while Zillow posts to trulia and hotpads as well.

As @John Warren mentioned, Zillow charges $10/week but in our experience, their lead generation far exceeds the other websites we've used so its still currently worth the cost. I've never used Craigslist or Facebook marketplace but based on what @Paul De Luca and @Dave Spooner have said its certainly something we'll be using in the future!