Is Zillow Rental Manager any good for new investor?

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Hi All - newer investor here in Scottsdale, AZ. Currently have less than five investment properties, all single family homes. 

Have been using Venmo, Zelle, etc for rent collection and wanted to move to something more formal.

Curious to hear your thoughts on Zillow Rental Manager, open to recommendations as well.
Thank you!

@Evan K. most of these places are using the same back end. I have been using Cozy for a few years, but they just got bought out by and it looks like and zillow are in an arms race right now. 

@John Warren

Just saw that. It didn’t really surprise me but caught me off guard.

For leads, as I post exclusively online in Western PA, I can say Zumper gives the most hits. Hotpads is okay, and Zillow lag behind by far in number of responses per property.

I currently use Tellus which is a phone app only for rent collections and service requests. It is decent and improving regularly. I do kind of miss a web component though.

I've been using Buildium forever, so I haven't formally tried Zillow Rental Manager. I do post all listings on Zillow and get the most listing hits from them. Cozy is probably the most cost effective solution if you're looking to "Step up" but don't want to pay Buildium prices. 

I have used and Zillow for marketing, both with success. provides less leads, but leads they have provided are quality, and typically ready to complete the entire process.

For Property Management, we selected TenantCloud for our property management software, based on evaluations we did a few years ago, and they have done well, except for a few unresolved bugs, but there are many others that have popped up in recent years. TenantCloud may be free, depending on what features you need, so you might want to give it a try if you are just starting.

TenantCloud offers rent collection, but we keep that with our accounting software, QuickBooks Online. It does require the tenants to sign-up for anything. They just input payment details monthly and that's, or we can setup automatic monthly withdrawals.

Zillow manager has been great to me. I’ve listed two SFRs for rent lately and had over 100 inquiries between the two of them. I like their $29 background checks that the applicant pays too.

@Evan K.

I used Zillow Rental Manager for my condo in San Diego from last year to earlier this year and I had no problems at all. Like John said above, I also really liked the $29 background check for the applicants who were serious.