Property Management Software

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@Casey Johns I am still using Cozy and I am managing over 30 units. I am just about to make the jump to Appfolio, but it makes sense to use free software when you are under 20 units in my opinion. 

Thank you! I looked into Cozy and it seems it will provide what I needed. I appreciate your advice! I currently work with a property management company, but I am considering managing my properties myself and making a career change. I have a lot of experience with AppFolio and I love it! 

I am using TenantCloud as a DIY. I like their customizable online application and digital lease signing - with today's situation it's what sold me on this platform. Besides it's 2020 and we should be going digital and keeping up with the technology. The maintenance request ticketing setup has very detailed tracking of progress and notes which I like a lot. It's not the best for handling your complete accounting needs but then it's not an all in one solution.

We use Innago, which was easy to learn and setup, and I think it's fantastic for a smaller number of units. Especially love the funds transfer times, compared to some of the other software options we looked into.

Another vote for TenantCloud.  It has been good for us for the last few years.  They continue to develop it, which sometimes breaks old things, but all in all, it's good.  I haven't looked at any of the new PM platforms that have popped up.