Property Management for Single Family Rentals

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I’m looking forward a good Property Management company fir a few Single Family homes in the Nashville Tn area. Does anyone have any recommendations? Currently paying 10% , any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

@Timothy Paul Russell  10% is about average.   Just remember cheaper is not always better.   What do you want them to do?  Figure this out and then talk with your current PM and a few others.  If you have 5 or fewer homes trying to get a discount is not always the best idea.   Getting a discount from a new PM trying to get business that has been doing it for 6 months or full price from someone with systems that has done it for 10+ years.   You have to ask yourself which is a better deal.     The NARPM website shoudl give you several good independent options in your area

Hey @Timothy Paul Russell ! I would love to chat if you're interested. I run Olympus Property Management in Nashville. We are 8% plus a month fee however, so that might end up costing more than you want to spend, but if not, just reach out!