Rental property - home warranties

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@Cristina Sanchez  Run the other way.    Home warranties are great if you own the property and OCCUPY the property.   It is your money and your time.   If they send it 3 different techs and take 5 weeks to fix or replace your AC you will just grin and bear it bc you are saving the money.  Your tenants do not see it this way.  They want rent credits and hotel stays because it always takes too long.   I can have  a full AC replacement done in 48 hours or less and everyone is happy.  Save the $800 dollars plus the $120 service call every time someone goes out and use that towards your repairs.  Will make your life easier and your tenants happy... I have done this for 25 years and have had many experiences with warranty companies.   Not just a one time deal  

I agree with Tracy! While a home warranty can be tempting, your tenant should not be waiting weeks and weeks potentially for the appliances and systems in the home to work.