How to deal with kids trespassing on my neigbor's property

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I have a situation where a couple of kids (15-16yrs old) walk through the back yard of my neighbor next door. This has went on for more than a year and it didn't bother me a whole lot. A little over a month ago however, I heard a loud BANG from just behind my backyard (there is a small greenbelt there between my neighborhood and the next). I quickly looked out the window to see the two kids had fired a handgun about 50ft away from my property. They then proceeded with their usual routine through the neighbors yard. It was at this point that I decided something had to be done so I looked up the owner of the duplex next door and explained the issue. I suggested if they repaired their fence in the backyard and put up a privacy fence on the side (like all of the other duplexes on the street) it should deter them from coming through anymore. Well they did as I asked which was great! Today, however I saw the two kids climb over both 6ft fences. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

@Kolbey Pruitt A lot of cities are adding a community based policing element, and these officers work directly with neighborhood associations and community groups. Here is the link for OKC (, and you can directly contact the officer that works in your part of the city, to get some help.

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@Toby Khan The kids seem to be coming from a different street, but I will try to follow them and see where they live.

 Lets see , teenagers cutting thru the yard , they have at least 1 hand gun and you want to follow them ?  

Maybe it me ?  But that doesnt sound like the brightest idea . I would suggest maybe the police should be notified . They wear bullet proof vests 

@Kolbey Pruitt

Dont follow anybody. Notify the police about the hangun discharge, it’s probably illegal to do so in Oklahoma County except in a self defense situation or a licensed environment like a gun range. Am not a lawyer, defer to them when in doubt or do your own research.

Why does it bother you that your neighbor’s lawn is being trespassed?