Looking for a work order system

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I'm looking for a work order system that creates a process flow for handling maintenance requests. Ideally it would look something like this:

1. Tenant makes maintenance request
2. In house property manager classifies the request and assigns it to a specified handyman/contractor
3. Handyman/contractor can accept or deny the request based on availability, job type, etc

I want it to be cheap and hopefully have a mobile app or SMS integration. I am not looking for anything full service (rent collection, tenant screening, etc) as I already use Quickbooks and Zillow for much of that.

Anyone have a software they would recommend?

This may not be eactly what you are looking for but I use innago.com for property management software which also includes a maintenance system including sending the work order to a vendor. You can message the tenant through the system. I also use google voice for texting goes right to my phone but shows a different number than my cell