Seeking Property Manager in the Detroit, Michigan Area

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Hello All,

I’m seeking recommendation for property managers in the Detroit, Michigan area. Specifically near University District. I’m looking for a full time individual who can screen, maintain, and upkeep the property if possible. This is my first of many properties and would greatly appreciate your recommendation


The Home Store based in Ferndale, MI is a fantastic property manager. They have managed my property for over 11 years. https://www.thehomestoresite.c... I have had 0 vacancies, quick to respond to maintenance requests, great communication, and honest above all. This company sets the bar for other PM companies I have dealt with for my other properties in various states. 

For various reasons, a family member decided to use a different property manager in the Detroit area, the property was not performing at all. After switching to The Home Store, the property is now a gem, cash flowing very well.