Bedbug in a multi family

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I have a multi family with 6 units and only one tenant keeps complaining of the bedbugs. The unit was treated professionally twice but the tenant is worried about other units. Do you have to do the treatment of all units in this case ?

Hi @Marita Jojo , I had a similar issue with my multifamily property.  First thing, it would be the tenant's responsibility to pay for any extermination since the bedbugs weren't there when they moved in (double-check your lease though).  In my situation, we offered to have the bedroom in the other unit that shared a wall with the problem bedroom bombed.  He ended up not wanting the treatment since he didn't see any bedbugs.  Long story short, I would just treat the bedrooms or units that are connected to the problem bedroom. 

When I bought my first 4-unit the upstairs units were vacant. About three months in I had rented out one of the 2nd floor units but the tenant hadn't moved in yet. 

I was showing the last vacant unit to a tenant and after the showing one of the downstairs tenants told me they have bedbugs. They bought the powder, mattress covers, etc. and I bought some non-toxic bedbug spray off Amazon that was rated highly and had it mailed to their unit. 

Before heading back out of town (I lived in Los Angeles at the time) I bought a gallon jug of bug killer spray from Lowes that stated it killed bedbugs and sprayed the heck out of the two vacant apartments and the carpeted hallways as well. 

The issue was resolved as this occurred four years ago and there were no other bedbug complaints since.

@Brad Hammond everyone is reading google too much these days and are bed bug experts. The tenant is saying they can come via plumbing, walls , floors, switches etc etc so not sure just testing another room next door will satisfy them. We completely redid all units before they moved and this issue came one year after so hate to spend but worried if that’s the case can infect other units. I read that the stuff from the stores doesn’t work and also in case of any legal battle need to show that professionals were hired does this sound right ??

@Karl B. Thanks for the example as what I read tells me the stuff from stores didn’t work that well. I will look into Amazon products.