Investing in Northern Ontario

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I'm new to the form and I was just wondering if there are any investors that invest in Northern Ontario on here. I personnally invest in Timmins, On.



Welcome Nathan to Biggerpockets.

I get as far as Muskoka, haha I know of some investors who have invested in Thunder Bay and Sudbury.

What do you invest up in Timmins?

Ahh thats good I used to live in Sudbury when I went to school. I've invested in 3 SFH's, a duplex and a fourplex now in the two years I've been here.

Hey not bad portfolio. When I speak with my investor friend I can introduce you guys. Might benefit both of you.

How is the cashflow in your local market?

It's been pretty unreal. Bought a SFH that cash flows about 450$/month. Just finished rehabbing another single family home that will cash flow about 350-400$ a month. The fourplex still needs a lot of work and is pretty much break even at this point due to a number of things : a long waiting eviction, below market rents and some deferred maintenance as I have just acquired it in Dec. 2013

The prices were really low to buy property and there was very little available rental units when I moved here so it's been just great

sounds like you have a good pocket to grow over the next few years. Great to hear. Keep us updated over bigger pockets.

I've always looked, but never took the plunge into buying anything north of cottage country. So do you live in Sudbury now?

No, I'm living in Timmins still but the prices have climbed quite a bit. I think it may be time to look into investing in a new market for me


Im looking at investing in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada as thats where I am originally from and may be moving back to. I think the rental properties and flips would be similar to Timmins or Sudbury, if you have any advice about investing up there and what the market is like or what things to watch out for it would be much appreciated. I want to find MFH but it doesn't look like there are that many out there, Thanks!

Hi Nathan,

I am currently invested in Iroquois Falls.

Small market but cash flow and vacancy rates are amazing.

We should meet up sometime to discuss investing. 

Do you know of any investor meetings in the area?


I would love to meet up.  I actually tried to organise a few gatherings for real estate investors a few times but no one came.  I would really enjoy that though.

Hi Nate and friends
I invest in SUDBURY & Hamilton and Sarnia. I am looking for other investors which can join in on some of my projects. Would u be interested in discussing other areas in Ontario?


@Nathan Boulet you should come to SUDBURY and meet up, we have regular meetings here. Oh and by the way I have a property in Timmins are you interested in the listing?

Hey Brent, yes that's an excellent idea to attend the meet ups in Sudbury.  If love to list that property in Timmins.  Can you send me a PM?

@Brent Byers When's the next meet-up?  I have some friends in Sudbury too as I went to college there.

@Ming Lim I'm a broker and investor in SUDBURY and S.Ontario. A big draw here is the low point of entry, decent equity growth and positive cash flow. Most of my properties net upwards of 20% ROI on under $40k down. @Nathan Boulet we meet every mth - next is end of Feb

I am currently looking at the TBay market right now.  Does anybody have any advice for that market?

I'm looking potentially at North Bay as a first time owner-occupied investment.  2-4plex.  Anyone with experience in North Bay know whether apartments outside of the student area are easy or hard to fill vacancies?

I'm from (and live in) Northern Ontario!

@Chris Semak I'm in Thunder Bay if you had any questions I'd be happy to help :)

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