Windsor, Ontario Market

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Hi guys, 

I'm currently exploring some investment opportunities in Windsor, ON. Mainly multi-family properties with 3 or 4 units, which are going for as low as $150,000. Would love to get some feedback from anyone familiar with this area. Thank you in advance, 


I didn't get as far as Windsor but was introduced to the Cornwall, ON market thanks to Roy N. Very good deals in that area with decent cash flow from the onset. Ended up making an offer on a Duplex for $100k but we had to walk away from the deal following the inspection. Hopefully the next one will work out. 

I just got duplex in Windsor for 100K and it passed inspection with flying colors. I can't give you more info then that since I didn't get keys yet. All in all there are good deals around here. Some have to be negotiated to realistic price and you should know the area like everywhere else where you are planning to invest. I've been in Windsor for 15 years so I know the city pretty good. If you guys need some info I will help if I can

Thanks @Clarke Gallie . This list is very helpful to help get my initial search started!

Hey @Igor Tomic - would be great to connect and talk more about your experience with rental properties in Windsor. I have identified this location as a solid target and would like to buy a rental in that area this year. 

I’m also interested in Windsor (I’m from london). Can anyone recommend agents they’ve worked with that know the area, and know how to work with an investor, particularly out of town? Would love to hear feedback on good/bad experiences.

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