Would like to connect with Winnipeg investors.

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My wife and I live in Vancouver British Columbia. We hope to get into small multi-family (less than four units), for buy, (possibly rehab), and hold. We are mostly priced out of our local market so we are exploring the idea of investing in another city. Winnipeg has captured our attention as a possible option; we will be visiting for an extended weekend (Oct 21-24 2017). Would love to connect with anyone who has experience with duplexes to fourplexes in Winnipeg!


Hi Daan Murray, welcome to Winnipeg. I only have a primary residence and like everyone else on BP, I would also like to increase my REI experience. If you would like company as you meet with REIs in Winnipeg, I would like to join you and learn more about the Multifamily market here.

Additionally, if you would like someone to check up on your properties or manage them, I would be happy to do so.

Let me know if you would like to connect. I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks @Chibuzor Alumba! We will be attending the investor conference put on by Truly Invested and hope to tour through a few neighbourhoods to get a better feel for the city. 

I will keep you posted on my plans for Winnipeg that weekend.

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Hi Dan let me know if you need help . I am a local investor and have Duplexes , if you are looking forward to doing a Joint Venture i can help and would be interested as well as i have a great team here

I am just sitting in the Winnipeg airport waiting for my return flight to Vancouver. My wife and I had a pretty busy weekend in town. Two days in the conference learning concepts and strategies for real estate investing. Two days exploring the city, primarily driving around the West End.

We are still considering whether the Winnipeg market is right for us but will stay in touch as we make progress.

@Gautam Sharma, please feel free to send us any information about what you do.


Daan, consider Saskatchewan also if you’re looking at the prairies.. much better RTA and currently it’s a heck of a buying time. I grabbed 3 more units last year and am hoping to pick up 4 more in 2018.

One word of caution: take the latest CMHC reports for anything prairies (MB -> AB) with a heap of salt. They were far outside anything I would consider “accurate”.

If you want to chat more just message me and I’ll make some time to answer questions.

Hi, Daan. Would you please share the information of the conference you join? I will move to the city and am clueless. Also, how do you deal with regulation differences between provinces?